Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know anything about lifting weights...like, seriously, anything?

Most of our members came through the doors with nothing more than a desire to change. It isn't what you know when you show up, it is what you are willing to learn! We teach all the basic movements and even introduce members to proper gym etiquette that will help you feel more comfortable while you're here training. 

Are there many women at Kinetic Fitness and Training?

Yes! There are plenty of women of all ages and abilities! The women at Kinetic have been excited to find effective ways to get healthy and fit that did not involve endless hours on cardio machines and doing the same old weight machine based circuits to no avail. Many of the women here find the training environment to be much less intimidating than they thought it would be. Members are friendly, helpful, and always encouraging ESPECIALLY to our newest, and often most nervous, members! 

I've heard this gym is only for personal training.

We do both one-on-one and small group semi-private training. While, once upon a time, we did offer "free range" open gym memberships, we have chosen to center our focus on helping individuals rather than seeing how many folks we can pack in the building. Clients who know where they want to go (know what your goals are), but don't know how to get there are our target clients. We offer guidance every step of the way, and that is what you pay for: coached workouts, nutrition assistance, daily feedback and tips, and reassurance you're on the right path! 

I'm afraid I'll get bored doing the same old thing. Will I be stuck on the same training plan forever?

NO! Coaches program new workouts weekly, and will focus on a specific training target for 4-6 weeks before moving on. Coaches tailor the workouts to the needs of the group, and measurable results are always the name of the game! 

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. At Kinetic we have no long-term contracts. We simply require written notice 30 days in advance of desired cancel date. 

Is Kinetic Fitness and Training strictly a crossfit/bodybuilding/powerlifting gym?

No. We respect these training disciplines and those who learn to perform them well, but the majority of our members are "everyday" folks just looking to get stronger and healthier and be a little better than they were the day before.  

Listen, I just want to lose weight. I don't need to lift weights. Or do I?

Yes, indeed! First, even though cardio is quite effective at burning tons of calories, if it isn't changing your body composition in quite the way you'd like it to, then you need to lift weights. While you are wiling away the hours on the cardio equipment, your body is burning muscle and fat which will leave you weighing less on the scale, but it will NOT leave you with your dream body. If you don't believe us, head to the treadmill for the next few months...we'll wait. Second, lifting weights will help you build lean muscle which has MANY health benefits, and as Mark Rippetoe says, "strong people are harder to kill than weak people". Getting stronger is the foundation for fat loss, increased performance and increased confidence. If you don't want any of those things, we aren't the gym for you. 

As a female, if I lift weights, will I get bulky? 

Your muscles are going to grow if you lift weights, but you are not going to look like a muscle-bound bodybuilder from doing a general weightlifting routine. Without the high testosterone levels that males have, women are unable to add the amount of muscle mass that men will. Even if you lift on the same plan. Unless you lift for greater than 2-3 hours a day, consume unfathomable amounts of protein, get plenty of rest and begin using performance enhancing drugs, you will not get "bulky". In fact, with a well-rounded plan and good nutrition what you ARE going to get is sexy. Just plain ole sexy. And strong.

​Why does Kinetic cost more than some gyms?

At Kinetic Fitness and Training, you are paying for coaching and tailored programming. No wading through seas of fitness equipment without an idea of what to do. No "mansplaining" or uncomfortable staring from others in the gym. No overcrowded floor space or shortage of equipment. EVER. Group training allows you to show up to a group of familiar, friendly faces and get right to work on a plan that is right for you! No hassle, no worry, and no wasted time! 

What are the rules at Kinetic Fitness and Training?

Leave the gym cleaner than it was when you got here. Put weights back on the weight tree. Put all bands, chains, and other equipment back where it belongs. Clean up any chalk mess. Wipe down any equipment you sweat on with the complimentary disinfectant and towels. 

Do not drop weights. Learn how to control the barbell.

During a PR (personal record) attempt, the entire focus of the gym should be turned to encouraging the lifter trying to set the PR. We celebrate PRs no matter how big or how small.

The use of chalk is highly encouraged (just clean up after yourself)

We all aim to make each other better, and this is difficult when you shut yourself off to the community. Take ownership in the gym and be willing to help and to get helped.

Learn how to spot correctly and stay focused while spotting. If you aren’t sure how to spot, ask a staff member, and they’ll be happy to show you. 

Be respectful of others. Making fun of others' size, clothing, movement, etc is grounds for immediate termination of membership. We all have a sense of humor, but we have no tolerance for foolishness. Judge and ye will be judged.