You work hard! You deserve this!

This is YOUR hour to put the needs of your kids, your dog, your spouse, your job-- all of it-- on the shelf by the door!

They'll be there waiting, but while you are here, this hour is all about YOU!

An hour a day of exercise will have you feeling full of energy and confidence. Our one-on-one and small group settings, provide accountability and encouragement to help get you through workouts on days where you would otherwise have stayed home! 

You are our priority even when you're too busy to be your own! 

By listening carefully to each of you and using frequent evaluations, we keep your goals on track and get you results. We'll put our knowledge of strength and fitness to work for you! You just show up ready to work, and we'll do the rest! 

We offer personal attention not just personal training! 

Whether it's one-on-one or small group training you are interested in, you will always receive personalized attention while at Kinetic Fitness and Training. Our thorough evaluations and assessments are used to place each client in a group that best suits their individual needs. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all fitness, and each member's needs are our number one priority. 


Welcome to Kinetic Fitness and Training!​​


​We are more than just a gym!

From the time you walk in the door, you can tell that we are not like other gyms!

A gym is a space for fitness equipment; we are a community of individuals building strength and confidence through encouragement, closely guided instruction, and sustainable programming. 

You will never feel like 'just another member' at Kinetic Fitness and Training. Every employee and member knows your name. Our trainers are engaged and present, and take the time to get to know you and your unique goals and needs in training.