"I have attended other gyms and see different members come and go, but at Kinetic I still see the same people I saw when I walked in the door 2 years ago.  Now when I see a newbie walk in my first thought is “new family member.”   Once you try it you will be hooked. This is no ordinary gym.  In the classes, you won’t get ignored and you won’t feel like people are gawking at you the whole time.  We workout together, we laugh together, and our fearless leaders create some badass daily workouts for us. I love my gym! "

-Melissa S.

Member since 2014

Program: Kinetic Starter + HIRT30

"I am not a fan of boring exercise programs! But, for 3 months I have been training at Kinetic Fitness. It has been a learning experience and a different way of thinking about exercise.I enjoy the variety in my custom workout routines, and I can do them in less than an hour! I am stronger and have a lot more energy. From the outside, Kinetic seems like a very intimidating place, but it is actually a very friendly and encouraging environment in which to train. If I can do it, anyone can do it! "

-Janet W.

Member since 2016 Program: General Strength and Endurance

"For me, training at Kinetic has helped me reach many goals. As I get older, the weight training has increased my ability to stay active at a higher level. For my kids, Kinetic has helped them improve in their sports by increasing their strength and speed. Kinetic's family atmosphere sets it aside from other gyms. you feel like you are at "Home"."

​​-Jason M.

Member since Opening day, 2013

Program: General Strength and Conditioning

​"Prior to joining Kinetic Fitness three months ago, it had been several years since I exercised using any kind of weights. Most all of my exercising involved cardio, and while I felt I was in shape, something was missing. I did not feel strong. I had considered Kinetic Fitness for over a year, but was hesitant, afraid of reinsuring myself after hernia surgery in 2014. But I finally decided to give Kinetic a shot and I haven't looked back since. 

I shared my concerns and my goals with Chad and Megan. They developed a program for me which consists of four different workout routines. These exercises involve using kettle bells and my body weight. I know I have a long way to go, but I can say my body is feeling much stronger, much tighter. I'm ready for the next set of exercises in my program and look forward to even better results." 

- Scott W.

Member since 2016

Program: General Strength and Endurance

"I have been training there now for 7 months and have lost 3 Sizes! As a mother of 3, baby weight hasn’t been easy to get off, but since I started training with Chad, my body is slowly coming back around. The atmosphere there at the gym is really great and the trainers Megan, Chad and Rod are Awesome! They all three bring something different to the table, with the end result being the same. I have been able to accomplish things there that I never dreamed of and I keep surprising myself on how much confidence that I have gained throughout this process. When I started out, I hadn’t worked out in over a year, so, with that being said, I started out slow, because that is what I needed, not only for my body, but for my mind as well. They strategize each workout personally for you and your body type. This gym is not a typical gym, where you feel like people are standing around chatting and staring at you, which I love. I have met so many great people there, looking for the same result as me. Everyone cheers everyone on and encourages them, that‘s the type of environment this business is. I have grown close to many people there and I consider Chad and Megan very good friends."

-Nikki W.

Member since March 2016

Program: One-on-one Personal Training

"I love Kinetic! Chad and Megan are very skilled professionals. The classes are very challenging but can be modified to fit all ages and levels. The rates are very reasonable. I have fallen in love with HIRT!" 

-Patti D.

Member since 2014

Program: Open Classes + HIRT30

"My time at Kinetic has benefited me greatly by offering different training programs and methods than what I was doing. From tailor made workouts to all the free advice and tips you get, Kinetic offers a huge value for your membership. Megan, Chad and Rod are some of the nicest and most experienced trainers I have met, and they all work just as hard as they expect you to. I am so glad I found kinetic and I will always be grateful for the time I've spent here."

-Daniel T.

Member since 2015

Program: General Strength and Conditioning


"Kinetic Fitness has brought a new love into my life for exercise! I used to only do simple classes and walk a few miles. Now, I push myself to be better, lift heavier bells, lift weight I never thought I could and I participate in things I never thought were possible. I believe in myself more and have more confidence in my own skin. I believe I have made many accomplishments and I will continue to work hard during my workouts here at Kinetic. Megan and Chad have taught me how to use correct form during an exercise to eliminate injury during my workout. Sometimes I feel that I am getting personal training during my workout! Kinetic Fitness is like a family! When I come in I always get a "HI" from Megan and Chad and they call me by my name! What other gym knows you by your name!!? I have never felt uncomfortable walking in this gym. The small, family like atmosphere helps me enjoy working out and provides positivity for the exercises we do. A good work out in a positive atmosphere-- cannot be beat and I am so glad I joined 2 1/2 years ago." 

- Becky J.

Member since 2014

Program: Kinetic Elite 

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